10 Best Websites to Download Royalty Free Images for KDP Book Cover Creation

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Using royalty free images for your KDP book cover creation will save you a lot of stress in designing your book cover. Not only that, but it will also save you from copyright infringement problems.

Most times, people make the mistake of using any picture they come across in google to design their book cover. Most of these pictures later cause problems for them. Sometimes their account is flagged because of the book cover. Other times they get lucky, and their account is not flagged. It will be too bad for your account to be suspended because of your book cover.

In this article, I am going to share with you cool websites where you can download royalty free images you can use to create your book cover. These images are royalty free, which means that you can use it without any cause for alarm. But before I do that, check how to set up your Amazon account if you have not done that below.

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But before I show you where you can get these stock photos, I would like to explain some terminologies for you. These terms will help you to understand how royalty free images download works.

Royalty-Free: This means that you can use intellectual property without paying for royalty or license fees.

Public Domain: Public domain means creative materials that are not protected by intellectual property law like a trademark, copyright, or patent laws. Any image created before 1923 in the United States is seen as a public domain image. It means that you can copy, edit, or modify it and use it to create your kindle cover.

Commercial use: You can use royalty free images for any design.

Membership: You might need to sign up before you can access these royalty free images. Most of the sites might charge you for these royalty-free images.

Attribution: You might be permitted to use these images so far you can give credit to the author.

Word of Advice: Always review the licensing details before using the image.

Now, let’s look at the top 10 websites where you can get royalty free images. But before then, check…

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Top 10 websites to source for royalty free images



royalty free images

It is one of my favorite websites, where I download royalty free images. Pixabay free images are under creative common zero license. It means that you can use the images for any design. Their images have high resolution, which will give your cover a unique design.



royalty free images

Unsplash images come with a creative common zero license. It means that you can use any image from the website to create your cover. However, you might need to sign up before you can access their images. They have a collection of unique and attractive images that will suit your book cover.



royalty free images

Flickr is an old but still amazing website where you can download royalty free images. The images come with a CCO license, which allows you to use the images for free. However, you will need to set your search to show CCO images only.



royalty free images

Loaded with lots of high-resolution images that fall under CCO license. One good thing about this website is that it tracks your download, making it easier for you to find images you want. You can edit or modify the images.


Burst (By Shopify)

royalty free images

It is powered by Shopify. The images come with a CCO license, which means that you can edit or modify the images. It is a good site where you can source for royalty free images for your book cover image.



royalty free images

Loaded with over 60 million images that you can use to design your cover. The site is updated daily, but you might need to sign up before accessing these images. Don’t worry; the images are free.



royalty free images

You can get stock pictures from this website. The images come with a CCO license. One unique thing about this website is there color grading, which comes with this humor, weird and funny faces. If you are looking for unique images, it a place worthy of searching for images. Ryan McGuire, the founder of Bells Design, takes the site images.


Life of Pix

royalty free images

Their images are sourced from Leeroy Advertising Agency, which is based in Montreal. The website offers royalty-free images which are protected by CCO license. The site also has a video section where you can check their video clips and loop. One good thing about this site is the arrangement. It is easy to navigate to any category you want.


Death to the Stock photo

royalty free images

The name sounds weird, but the site design looks awesome. It deserved the top 10 spots because of the cool pictures loaded on the site. The images are protected with CCO license. And you can download your KDP images from there. You are entitled to free images when you sign up for there newsletter. However, with $15, you can have a premium account, which will give you access for more pictures.



royalty free images

Pexels has high-quality royalty free images that are under CCO license. The photos come with high resolution. The site is straightforward to navigate with lots of pictures. You can visit the website to download your KDP royalty-free image.



These websites save you the stress of looking for how to combine colors to design a cover. With the royalty free images from these websites, you can create your KDP book cover within minutes. Not only that, but you can also use the images inside your book or to design any other thing you want.

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